Cleaning Windows Without a Streak By Using Best Service in Dubai

Glass windows have become a staple for most modern buildings, and with good reason too. This is thanks toto cleaning services in Dubai. We have to admit, large glass windows look great! They add character to the exterior of your home or building and also to the interiors. Who wants dark dingy looking rooms when a large glass window can allow plenty of daylight into the room and also brings in the beautiful nature right into your room without having to step outside into the heat and dust of Dubai . But, like all good things, glass windows also come with a catch – and that is to keep them clean! If you have ever cleaned a glass paned window you know exactly what I mean!


The Palaver of Cleaning a Glass Paned Window

So here you are, armed with your glass cleaning paraphernalia ready to clean. You have water/glass cleaning liquid, your squeegee, brush and cloth. Begin cleaning and after what seems like ages, when you step back, you can see the streaks or lint! It is distressing!

The problem becomes even more complex when you have to clean windows that are way above the ground! Then the need for a ladder and the time spent outside seems like torture. To make your task a little easier, here are some tips to clean your windows.


Tips for Cleaning Windows to a Sparkle

Tip 1: Use distilled or RO water to clean: If you are using water to clean your windows, make sure you use only distilled water or Reverse Osmosis water. This is to make sure that there are no trace minerals left in the water, as these minerals leaves marks and spots on the window after cleaning.

Tip 2: Use a long-handled brush: This will help you reach the top of the windows without having to climb up a stool or a ladder.

Tip 3: Use liquid soap: This helps to reduce the streaks that you so commonly see on windows.

Tip 4: Use a decent squeegee: This is important as the quality of your squeegee will determine the amount of work you have to do. You want a squeegee that scrapes away all the liquid and gunk and not leave streaky bits on the panes that you may have to clean with a cloth later.

Tip 5: Use a lint free cloth to polish the pane after cleaning it. This will ensure that there are no little bits of fibre stuck to your pane after you finish cleaning.

Tip 6: Also clean the window frame, grills and the sashes while you are at it. Though it is not necessary, it really makes the whole window cleaning effort so much more productive.

Tip 7: Use a window cleaning service in Dubai: If you can, use a window cleaning service then all the above tips will not be needed. They will do a much better job anyway, and you can use your time in more productive jobs.


Hire a Window Cleaning Service in Dubai

There are plenty of really good cleaning services in Dubai that also do home window cleaning. The are very reasonable to hire and can do a much better job than you do.