How are commercial cleaning services different from residential cleaning services?

Are you wondering what really the difference between residential cleaning from commercial cleaning in Dubai is? More and more people are hiring a cleaning service for their homes and offices, but there are not many different companies that are offering services separately for commercial and for residential cleaning. But, is there really a difference, and can you hire the same company for your business and for your home? Here is some information that will make it easier to see the difference between these services.

Knowing the difference in commercial and residential

Before you can know the difference between cleaning in Dubai from residential versus commercial, you should know the difference between the two terms first.

It isn’t really hard to know the difference. Residential is where people are living. Homes and apartments. Commercial is the area where you are working, like companies and businesses. Sometimes apartments are also known as commercial and not residential, but this differs from country to country. People are sometimes getting confused about these two terms.

Residential cleaning

With residential cleaning in Dubai, the people are coming during office hours and clean your home. There are many different services that these cleaning services provide. And, you are paying according to your preferences and needs.

With some cleaning services, you are getting the basic cleaning services like washing the walls, floors and dusting everything. But, there are also some other services available like doing washing, washing carpets and other cleaning duties that people can’t do themselves.

Commercial cleaning

Businesses and companies are hiring professional services for cleaning in Dubai for the specific type of company that you might have.

For example offices, they are coming during working hours or even during the night when there is no one in the office. Then, they are doing all the cleaning of the desks, computers, kitchen, floors and even the bathroom. And, when the personnel arriving in the morning, everything is clean and ready for a new day. There are also specific cleaning services that are cleaning out of the ordinary stuff like hospital waste or restaurant waste. More explained here:

The difference between residential and commercial cleaning?

There isn’t a huge difference between residential and commercial cleaning. Especially, if you are choosing the normal cleaning services. The only difference is that with commercial cleaning in Dubai, they are asking higher fees than for residential cleaning. This is why you should not hire a commercial cleaning service for residential cleaning, except if the service is asking different fees for different cleaning options.

People are getting confused about the difference between residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. But, it isn’t really hard to remember the difference. The one is cleaning homes while the other one is cleaning offices and businesses. Most of these services are normally having the option to choose between the two different services offered. While there are other services that are specializing in only in residential cleaning or commercial cleaning in Dubai, and you should make sure that you are choosing the right option to ensure complete satisfaction.