Starting Cleaning Services in Dubai

Cleaning businesses provide cleaning services in Dubai for homes and apartments of different sizes. In fact, there are even others who branch out and offer deep cleaning and office cleaning as well.

Cleaning services in Dubai is a service business that a person can start with a minimal startup investment or no investment at all since it is possible, to begin with just a basic cleaning supply that a lot of people already own or can be purchased at a cheap price. The most expensive of the startup expenses are those which are related to business licensing, obtaining insurance and marketing to a potential house cleaning customer.

The cleaning industry has two primary market groups: consumer and commercial. The consumer arena consists primarily of residential maid services, together with a carpet cleaner, a window cleaner, and different cleaning services that are needed on a less-frequent basis.

 Figure out the type of cleaning services business you want to specialize in 

You will find three main types for cleaning company:

Domestic – domestic cleaning will require cleaning people’s homes (normally while they’re at work) and can be performed by you as soon as you secure some clients. You may eventually take on staff as your client-base broadens.

Professional – to be able to clean commercial properties you would want a team of men and women (the properties will often be large office buildings) and  your role would be more managerial than on the ground cleaning.

Specialised – there are lots of niches to explore, from window cleaning to schools to vehicle cleaning. Take into account your skills set (are you well prepared to clean every day or are you more suited to the management side of a cleaning business) and where will be the best market opportunity in your desired area.

Do plenty of Research

Doing plenty of research is the key to determining the type of cleaning business that  you should be starting. If you plan to go ahead on a domestic cleaning venture then you need to be sure that the people in the vicinity would capable of paying for the services that you will be offering since you need to hire a cleaner to do the job. Doing a thorough research will be the key in determining the prices of cleaning services in Dubai.

Set an appropriate budget for your cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment would cost you a lot. For a domestic cleaner, the cleaning equipment would mostly be provided by the homeowners. However, if you’re thinking of launching commercial cleaning services in Dubai then you need to invest in some basic equipment.

  1. Equipment trolley
  2. Professional Vacuum Cleaner
  3. Sweeping machines
  4. Vans

it is paramount for you to ensure that any outlays that would have to spend on the equipment would be counteracted in profits.

Create an efficient Marketing Plan

Together with your initial spend on basic cleaning equipment – it might be necessary to allocate a lot of budget for marketing. The hardest element in starting a cleaning services business is in building up your client list. So don’t be afraid to go out and knock on some doors – cleaning can be a personal business and a prospective client would be more likely to sign up if they would meet you face-to-face.

Managing cash flow and getting paid
As with any start-up business, cash flow can be sporadic at the start – especially for home cleaners since clients are somewhat unreliable when it comes to the frequency of cleaning they would want you to do, not to mention the holidays and illnesses.

Furthermore, you would need to work out a payment processing system that would work best for your clients. Typically your clients would want to pay you with cash but you might want to ask for advance payment for upcoming services to be able to pay off the equipment and the hire of cleaners.

Establish a good brand and reputation

As soon as your business starts to gain momentum you have to build a brand that you would be pleased to show off – aside from any marketing spend – you would be responsible for the money that you would be spending. You’ll be dependent on word of mouth recommendations in order to establish a good brand identity.

Signing up for investment organisations which have a compulsory standard for membership rights can also help build a professional reputation, as well as getting satisfied clients to provide testimonials. Constantly make an effort to create a USP which isn’t just about price – something that would evidently define your brand as a cleaning business that won’t be forgotten.